Agri – Vision offer a full range of paddock management services and with our wide range of machinery and experienced team, we guarantee a professional service at the right price.

Working in conjunction with local agronomists, we make an unbeatable team to ensure you get the best from your grassland. Resulting in happier and healthier horses.


Aeration introduces air to the grassroots and soil to help root development to alleviate compaction, improve drainage and reduce slurry. In short, aeration will ultimately grow more grass!

Fertiliser Spreading

Grassland fertilisation increases grass growth. It is essential to replace the nutrients lost from the soil to maintain a suitable growth of the correct grasses for the horses.

Equine Fencing

We are able to install an extensive range of equine, agricultural and garden fencing. Our experienced team ensure all fencing is completed to the highest standard. With our tractor-mounted post driver, we can access all kinds of places! It has a 180° turn allowing us to drive posts at all angles, giving you the fence line you require.


Tine Harrow: The tine harrow aerates the sward and encourages grass growth, preventing moss and thatch build-up. Tine harrowing will completely flatten poached gateways and feeding areas ready to sow seed. It is also effective at breaking up manure and molehills.

Chain Harrow: Chain harrowing also aerates sward, removes dead thatch, removes moss, stimulates plant growth and encourages soil microbe activity to benefit grass nutrients.


During rolling, the grass is compressed, which makes it spread out, creating a thicker sward and helping to prevent weeds from appearing. Rolling levels out uneven ground created by hoofs, vehicles and other general surface disturbance.
We usually carry out paddock rolling after harrowing which helps push any stones back into the field that have been pulled up by the harrows.


Rotavators’ are designed to break up and aerate your land’s soil. The benefit of aerating grassland is that it allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, relieves soil compaction and removes unwanted thatch and foreign material.

Seed Drilling

The seed drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth, ensuring that the seeds get covered with soil and saved from being eaten by birds. We can save time and fewer seeds are wasted by this method.


Spraying is the most effective way to control grassland weeds. Pulling weeds out by hand can cause the roots to break, leading plant roots to remain in the ground and increasing the risk of regrowth. GPS on all our units minimises labour costs and avoids excess chemical usage.


Cutting or topping a pasture is an essential part of managing your grassland, particularly if horses are the only species grazing. Regular topping helps to maintain a good quality grass sward which has many benefits for both your land and your horses.

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